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The Mocha Moon Sacred Circle

akoma wellness presents:

a 9-month rites of passage &
initiation journey into womanhood

Mocha Moon Sacred Circle(10).png

Artwork by Tamara Natalie Madden.


A rites of passage is defined as a ritual or experience that
marks a major milestone or change in a person’s life.
Rites of passage are found throughout many cultures
around the world. In West African culture, traditional
rites of passage processes are seen as fundamental to
human growth and development as well as socialization.


A rites of passage into adulthood is an essential component of one's growth and development. When this process is absent or lacking or the village is ill-equipped, the needs of a child often go unmet. While this can in some ways result in a child becoming independent, responsible, overdeveloped in some areas, we rarely look at the ways in which the child (who later becomes an adult) goes underdeveloped. Many find themselves facing challenges, particularly in areas of healthy relating (with one’s self + others) without this sacred initiation.

I went through my first formal rites of passage well into adulthood, after realizing how tired i had become of having to “figure it out” on my own. Having the proper support + being able to witness other women in their own process of being developed was life changing for me. it gave me the confidence, tools, + examples I needed to create the life I desired. The healing + transformation I experienced through different rites since then, coupled with my 20 years of experience as an educator + wellness practitioner, has become the medicine I now get to share with other women.   You will be provided a a 9-month-long curriculum + a safe space to be seen, held, witnessed, + heard during your own process of rebirth. You will receive tools that i have learned on my journey + intuitive guidance to support you in re-membering yourself.



- 9 Rebirth Principles

- Weekly Moon Astrology Reports

- Weekly Lunar Exercises

- Monthly Affirmations

- Goddess of the Month Exploration

- 2 Monthly Group Calls including a Monthly Playshop + Monthly Full Moon Circle

- A Private 90-Minute Soul Session

- Monthly 1-on-1 Soul Sessions

- Individual and Group Divination

- Private Group Chat for Additional Support

- Graduation Ceremony + Retreat Invitation

- And Much More...


Are you looking for...


- a safe space to be supported as you dedicate time to your personal development and explore the parts of yourself that have been holding you back from living the life you truly desire?

- a deeper understanding of the lunar cycle and the mysteries of the feminine arts?

- spiritual guidance for living a more abundant life?

- practical tools and holistic wellness practices to assist you in aligning with your soul and deepening your intuition?

- genuine sisterhood and accountability?


If so, then allow yourself this opportunity to embark on a journey of growth and development,

to re-member and give birth to under-nurtured parts of yourself and finally step into your power.

Complete the MMSC application below and let's schedule an interest session.

we begin in january. pre-natal support is available before then.

interested in joining  the mocha moon circle?

2023 Graduation & Retreat

2021 Graduation & Retreat

2019 Graduation & Retreat

2018 Graduation & Retreat

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