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educator | spiritual life coach | wellness guide | iyalorisha

Born in Queens, NY to Jamaican parents.

Raised in the South - Greensboro, NC.

Rebirthed and bred in Washington, DC.

I am a lover of all things Black..our people. our history. our spirituality. our wellness. our liberation.

As a former high school math teacher with almost 20 years of classroom experience, I discovered that what I enjoy the most about teaching is being able to support and walk alongside others through their process of self-discovery and problem solving. I founded Akoma Wellness, where I serve as a spiritual life coach, rebirth doula, and wellness guide to those who seek to reclaim the "missing" variables in their lives and are ready to undergo a process of rebirth and transformation.

I am a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) and have received certifications and training in Life Coaching, Reiki (Level 1&2), Tarot, Meditation, Sound Healing, Trauma Awareness, Yoni Breathing, Mindfulness, and the AromaTouch Technique. In September 2019, I was initiated as a Priestess of Yemaya in the Lucumi (Orisha) tradition in Havana, Cuba and received the name, Yemaya Adédoja.


My intention is to create sacred spaces to support individuals with re-membering who they are and embodying the power that comes with being connected to the heart. My prayer is that we be whole. be love. be free.

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