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made in her image (waitlist)

healing the mother wound

made in her image (waitlist)
made in her image (waitlist)

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Time is TBD

via Zoom

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“the  primary relationship between women is the relationship of mother and  daughter. this relationship is the birthplace of a woman’s ego identity,  her sense of security in the world, her feelings about her self, her  body, and other women. from her mother, a woman receives her first  impression of how to be a woman and what being a woman means. she also  receives her first access to at least some aspects of the archetypal  mother, the great mother, and to an experience of the feminine self.” – kathie carlson

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many of us have experienced symptoms of what is known as mother hunger: the longing and heartbreak from not receiving the maternal nurturance, protection, or guidance that we needed. in addition to this, we often lack an adequate spiritual image and healthy relationship with god the mother. as a result, we become dismembered in mind. body. heart. and spirit, which further creates a deep individual and collective mother wound. and like that of a physical wound, this wounding of the heart and how it is cared for greatly impacts one’s healing and well-being journey.

it's time for women to re-member.

to reclaim. return to. reacquaint ourselves.

with our bodies.

with our hearts + wombs.

with our old ways

(practices, medicines, etc.).

with the mother within.

with each other + community

(deep, healthy relationships).

made in her image is a 5-week series designed to support individuals in understanding the mother wound, the pain it causes, and how it manifests in our relationship with ourselves and others. participants will leave this series with practical tools and indigenous practices that will support them in healing the mother wound (individual and collective), embodying the power of the divine feminine and healing our relationship with the divine masculine, and living a life rooted in love and soul-alignment. classes will be held online via zoom and are intended to be interactive and attended live. please come prepared to share and engage in conversation. in the event that you must miss a class, the recording will be made available for viewing the following day for a limited time to preserve the sacredness of this space. if you are not able to attend the majority of the classes, it is recommended that you wait to participate and join us at a later time that better aligns with your schedule.

the investment for the series is $250. to reserve a space, you must pay in full or make a deposit of $50. payment options will be made available for the remaining balance of $200 prior to the first class.

if you have any questions about the class, please feel free to email


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  • made in her image deposit*

    *non-refundable $50 deposit for the made in her image series. remaining balance due: $200

  • made in her image series

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